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Ta-Da! Our pixies have decided to celebrate Spring Cleaning by making it easier for you to buy stuff

You can shop online and pick up in-store for free, but now our pixies have a brand new way if you would like to save some mileage and exercise! After shopping online and ordering over $50 of awesome products, one of our pixies will deliver right to your doorstep with no extra cost! 

Talk about pixie power!


Our pixies pick out the cutest and the most quirky clothing items of the century! From your witty T-shirts to your affordable flowing kimonos that resemble the fields of the pixies, Toasted Pixie has it all! Trust us, the pixies pick out the trendiest and stylish clothing options in many different sizes for you to wear and feel as confident in as the pixies who brought them to the store! We understand if trendy isn’t your thing, that’s why the pixies have hilarious slogans that make your troubles melt away! (Not really, but we can assure you that buying a funny T-Shirt does help lighten the load of worldly stress).

Come stop inside Toasted Pixie today to see what I mean! The pixies have better taste than a Maria Claire magazine! And if for some reason our word isn’t enough, take it from one of our very own pixies at the store now. Stop by and have a chat today, they love to help give fashion advice! And don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy around the pixies, they aren’t one for judging.

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