The Adventures of

Tawdd & Darla

Ever wonder how we get all our cool stuff? Tawdd and Darla send it back! They are our amazing traveling merchandising pixies with awesome taste and questionable social skills! Read some of their letters below.

Hello from West Virginia!

Dear Glorious and All Powerful Pixie Pie,  How-Dee! That’s how they say “hello” here in West Virginia! I hope things are going well in the shop. We have been traveling around the state with a very friendly goose who keeps honking at all the other birds, and even...

Hello From Canada!

Dear Great and Powerful Pixie Pie, ruler of all things smaller than six inches, Good day, eh! We've been doing great things here, eh. For some reason, the bigs here use eh as an audible period after every phrase. I don't understand why this is necessary but Darla...

Hello From Atlantis!

Dear Tall Lady Pixie Pie, Sorry it has been so long since our last letter, it took a while to escape China. I know what you are thinking, we came in peace, so why did we have to escape? Well, we were invited to a party meeting, which we thought would be fun. It turns...

Hello From China!

Dear Great and Powerful Pixie Pie, Ni Hao! That’s how the bigs here say hello. I can’t really tell if it’s a nice hello, or a mad hello, because they pretty much yell everything at you, when they aren’t screaming “shoo” at you. I actually found out recently that...

Need To Get Your Girly On?

Check out the shop and maybe buy something so we can keep rambling nonsence like what you see above. Trust us, we have everything, but if you come up with an idea for something new, just shoot us a message… 

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