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Welcome! Toasted Pixie is your one stop cheeky accessories shop for toasty nerdy awesomeness. Window shoppers, big spenders, and ’cause-I-feel-like-it-ers can all find something, we got you! Hit the contact sheet below to join our news list, shop till you drop, then check out the posts on the ramblings page.

Trade Our Pixies

Our Pixies are collectors, that’s what makes them so good at the accessory store business… Trade them your info for an awesome (and only a little weird) news letter for the happenings around the store! They’re greedy little brats, so don’t worry about your info getting out, they barely even show it to us…

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We Play Favorites

So take a peak at some of the things we think freaking rock. We had to bribe the pixies just to get them to agree to sell this stuff!!

Shop Our Stash

Like many pixies, ours are hoarders… So we have a wild assortment of awesome odds and ends. You never know what you’re going to find, just take a peak. We add new stuff everyday, and you probably won’t even have to fight a pixie for it!


Pass Us Notes

Pssssssttttt…… We like passing notes, so send us something fun! We welcome stock suggestions or even just random rambling monologs, those are always fun. Tell us what’s on your mind!


Read Our Ramblings

Like reading our nonsense? Wish there was more of it? You’re in luck, check out our blog! It’s almost entirely irrelevant fun randomness. And pixies, sometimes they get into the computers. 

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