It’s Pixiegiving!!

May 20, 2021 | Storyline | 0 comments

Who says Thanksgiving can only come around one time a year?

We Pixies are going on Strike to make it come around twice a year! (Not really, because technically we are paid in Sprinkles and bubbly drinks, but just go along with it.)

Honestly, sometimes we pixies get confused in the land of the giants, but it’s not our fault. Why do you have to make everything so difficult? Like, stop turning cakes into looking like salad bowls! Nobody wants to think about salad when eating cake. No one.

But anyway, we were a little confused and thought Thanksgiving was now. However, turns out Thanksgiving isn’t until another six months and we didn’t want to look stupid for getting it wrong, so we are now striking to make Thanksgiving two times a year! (Although, these signs we made out of toothpicks and gum wrappers are starting to get heavy. Someone call for reinforcements! And bring some cake!)

Luckily, we have come to an understanding, and no longer have to strike! (Thank goodness, because the mint smell was starting to make me see one too many sparkles). We have decided that to thank all of you who follow us (hopefully not in a creepy way), and support us we wanted to give you something special to still celebrate a time of giving! Or if you are a weirdo and have some sort of thing against Thanksgiving, then think of it as a time of celebrating summer! Up to you really, we don’t judge here (Maybe a little, but never out loud. Well, maybe sometimes out loud. You know what, just forget we said anything.)

Anyway, if you follow us on Instagram or on Facebook, we have a special gift for you that may or may not contain 15% off your next total purchase at Toasted Pixie! (It totally does contain a coupon code! Talk about magic!) Purchase anything from Toasted Pixie online or in-store between now and Friday, May 21st, 2021 to redeem your 15% off coupon!

In our land, we don’t have coupons, because everything is magical, and we don’t believe in numbers really. But in the land of the giants, coupons are like the next greatest thing after free massages! Though, we don’t understand the point of massages, too much lotion and slippery fingers if you ask us. (One time, a pixie we used to know slid right into a tube of lotion. He has never been the same. Always slipping and sliding, smelling like vanilla. But, that’s a story for another time.)

So, don’t lose out on your chance to score a 15% off coupon at the Toasted Pixie store by following us on Facebook and Instagram! We believe community is the heart of what we do, and we want to thank all of you who support us. Plus, they told us that if we put the signs down and stopped striking, we would get paid in cake too! So don’t let us down!

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