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It all started on a cold, dark, rainy night in 2015. The streets were shiny and wet, and the streetlights created a soft depressing glow that would have left any person feeling alone and even a little bit frightened. 

On that night, there was a reason to be frightened. Hidden, in the dark corner of a tiny alleyway between buildings, hidden only so slightly by a torn refrigerator box, was an ogre. A giant, smelly, ugly, butt-touching ogre. How in Kristen Stewart's beard an ogre, especially one of these proportions had gotten to this alleyway in little Grand Junction, Colorado is simply not known. How the poor thing had managed to go unnoticed all day in the typically busy homeless thoroughfare this particular alley usually represented is your best guess. 

This night though, was a night that would change everything for a humble, adorable, tiny little human; who unbeknownst to her was filled with an immense power, largely a result of some unexpected blood in her family tree. 

This human, who we now know as Pixie Pie had fairy blood in her. Which, as you may know is extremely rare, unless you are actually a fairy. As you can imagine the logistics of how fairy blood gets into humans is just hard to fathom, but I digress. 

On this night, this rather short, rather cute mother of two was about to come face to face with hulking, sleeping, and rather wet and grumpy ogre, who had no idea where he was, or why he was there. 

I should point out that ogres are not typically a friendly bunch, and have a very bad tendency of eating people, especially those that interrupt their sleep. So it is important to say that Pixie Pie was not setting herself up for a safe trip home.

No, on this night Pixie Pie was making her way through the alley, and was confronted with what she thought was a homeless person covered in blankets and cardboard. Like any other human of small stature and firmly on introvert scale she screamed in surprise, and ran quickly in the other direction. 

Unfortunately, that very scream jolted the ogre from his sleep, and caused him to fixate on her. What happened next would surprise even the most seasoned ogre hunter. He fell in love. No joke. Gave up his drinking habit, started taking baths, brushed his teeth for the first time, you name it.

Long story short - or tall tale made quick - Ogre meets half-pixie woman, falls in love, opens a retail store. There is so much more to the story, but you don't need to know it all today. 

For those of you who aren't into folklore here's a more realistic yarn we can spin. Toasted Pixie was opened in 2015, originally as an online and Etsy shop to sell the artwork and creations of Victoria D. Kennedy (better known around here as Pixie Pie). Over the course of several years and with the annoying nagging of her loving but obstinate husband Brian Kennedy (also known as Ogre - by no one in particular) Toasted Pixie was transformed into the beautiful, delightful, and amazing smelling gift shop and boutique it is today.

Our brand was inspired by a book written by Brian Kennedy about a lovable fairy name Timothy Brimble, and his two annoying compatriots Todd and Darla. Take a look at our Todd & Darla stories here online, and watch for the opportunity to purchase a copy of The Adventures of Timothy Brimble: Tall Tales from a Very Short Man.

At Toasted Pixie we love laughter, telling stories, surprising people with great deals, great products, and amazing discounts. We hope you have the opportunity to come visit us in person, but if not please take a look at what we offer here online, and maybe we'll surprise you with something you didn't expect in the box. We promise you it won't be one of our unruly children, FedEx keeps sending them back, and the weight makes the delivery fees quite high. 


Victoria and Brian Kennedy