Other Services

Toasted Pixie offers a number of other services directly and through our sister companies as a member of the SIMVISR Companies portfolio. 

Positioning Studies and Test Market Discovery

First, as we have a brick and mortar location we offer product positioning and test market experimentation for new brands in the Western Colorado area. Toasted Pixie offers test market space in our store location, at our sponsored booths during public events, and a special shows and events inside our store location. Some examples of this include the local "First Fridays" and Grand Junction's "Market on Main," held during the summer and into fall on Main Street. On top of this we hold events in store like art showings, book signings, and new product / company galas. 

Contact us directly if you are interested in participating in a positioning study or test market. We offer some of these programs at no cost, and other - which include marketing and assistance with branding through our partner company DEVUPP Studio have flexible fees designed to assist startup retail, crafting, and e-commerce companies that sell or manufacture physical products.

Live Events

Second, if you have artwork, a new product you would like to get exposure on, or a book you would like to have a signing event for, Toasted Pixie is able to accommodate by providing connections with food and beverage service and handling the event through our unified billing solution, simplifying your engagement with us, and allow our team to handle your needs including marketing and promotion for the event. 

Product Marketing and Placement

As a retail store we work with vendors, consignments, and test market participants. As a part of this we can provide additional marketing through our social media channels, online, and help you with branding, outreach, online sales, and market positioning and strategy. Most of our marketing work is handled through our partner company DEVUPP Studio utilizing our existing audience across the web and social media. 

Unified Billing

 Toasted Pixie is a unified billing agent for DEVUPP Studio, Kennedy Computer Consulting, The Monssoen Group, and DEVUPP Private Limited. We perform a single source billing solution for marketing projects for retailers, restaurants, and service companies based out of Colorado. This allows us to bill our partners and clients once and ensure our clients and partners remain compliant with the states tax laws regarding digital products, SaaS offerings, and physical product sales. Toasted Pixie collects and pays the necessary sales taxes as required by the State of Colorado for products (sales tax), fixtures and decorations (use tax), and certain digital and SaaS offerings (sales tax).