Focus, Plz.-Wellness Patch Multipack

If you need ALL the wellness, look no further. This botanicals variety pack is our wellness Swiss Army Knife, with something to special to keep you feeling FAB, no matter where your day (or night) may take you.


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HOW TO USE: Peel it, set it, and forget it. Patches are most effective when applied to your vein-y parts (we prefer the inner forearm). May be worn for up to 12 hours.

Warnings: Topical use only. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Stop use immediately if skin becomes irritated. Not for use on children. Wash hands after use. Consult a healthcare professional about potential interactions or complications before use. Avoid direct and/or prolonged contact with water, as this may have an adverse effect on the patch adhesive.


Caffeine (15mg), L-Theanine (5mg), Propanediol (2mg), Cosmoperine (Tetrahydropiperine)(1mg), Sage Oil (1mg), Lion’s Mane (0.5mg), Citicoline (0.5mg)

Made in United States.


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