Lip Freak Buzzing Lip Balm- Berry Sinister


Lip freak buzzing lip balm. Berry sinister flavored.

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Doctor Lip Bang’s Lip Freak. The Strongest Buzzing Lip Balm in the Whole World. Just pucker up and smear this awesome balm on your kisser. Within a few minutes, your lips are going to FREAK OUT. We’re talking about a crazy vibrating buzz that’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Doctor Lip Bang’s products are 100% Natural and contain no harsh preservatives or synthesized ingredients. Our lip balms are made from the highest-grade plant-based extracts and premium beeswax available, and we never, ever test on animals. We use only the best and healthiest ingredients because we believe that what you put in and on your body should be GOOD FOR YOU!

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