No.16 Topa Topa Blend Goat Milk Soap Shave Kit

The N° 16 Shaving Soap Kit is a great starter for a guy who wants to shave with a brush and lather, with lime, grapefruit & other astringent oils for those who deal with wiry beards.

Organic essential oils of eucalyptus, clove, patchouli, grapefruit, lime, bergamot and myrrh in a shave soap formulated to help men who deal with wiry beards and troubled skin.

Fresh, raw goat milk saponified with organic coconut, organic jojoba, organic olive, sustainable palm, olive pomace, organic cocoa butter, olive pomace, organic castor oil, infused oil of comfrey, and clove powder. The Bogue Milk Soap N° 16 Shaving Soap Kit is for the serious soap & brush shaver who wants a rich lather. It has a vintage mug filled with our luxurious creamy shaving soap and a natural bristle brush to create a lather and apply it to your beard.

N° 16 has a proprietary blend of essential oils that helps give a smooth shave to even the most stubborn wiry beard.

Made in the USA.


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