Open Door Policy Doormat

This perfectly fine, if not certainly adequate doormat is made in the USA!


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Made from 100% Olefin* Indoor/Outdoor carpet, printed with color-fast inks, and perfect bound stitched edges and measures 18″ x 27″.

WARNING:  Do not use mat as a projectile.  Sudden acceleration to dangerous speeds may cause injury.  When using mat, follow directions:  Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about.  This mat is not designed to sustain gross weight exceeding 12,000 LBS.  If mat begins to smoke, immediately seek shelter and cover head.  Caution:  If coffee spills on mat, assume that it is very hot.  This mat is not intended to be used as a placemat.  Small food particles trapped in fibers may attract rodents, bears (depending on where you reside) and other vermin.  Do not glue mat to porous surfaces, such as pregnant women, pets and heavy machinery.  When not in use, mat should be kept out of reach of children diagnosed with CFED (Compulsive Fiber Eating Disorder).  Do not taunt mat


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