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Cuddly Animals Notebook

Cuddly Animals Notebook

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Unleash your whimsical side with the "Cuddly Animals I Am Prepared to Kidnap" Pocket Notebook. This charming notebook features a playful statement that's a delight for animal lovers and daydreamers alike. Its compact size makes it perfect for jotting down thoughts on the go, while the durable cover protects your precious notes. The high-quality, sustainably sourced paper inside is a pleasure to write on. Whether you're planning hypothetical animal heists or simply doodling, this notebook adds a dash of fun to your everyday tasks. It's a quirky, lovable addition to your stationery collection or a thoughtful gift for a friend. Brought to you by Denik, and every notebook you purchase goes to support schools in the US. 

3.5 in x 5.5 in, saddle stitch binding with 48 pages. Durable and ready for adventure. 

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