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Nov 13, 2019 | Storyline | 0 comments

We are here to party!! And sell you stuff…


Toasted Pixie was born in 2010. It was a tiny little entity that featured artist and future shop owner, Vickie Kennedy. It started as a blog, then an Etsy shop, then as an online store, “Pixie Picks”. Lots of life changes happened in the middle and then one day, Toasted Pixie decided to grow up and become the brick and mortar store it always wanted to be.

So Why Pixies?

Because fairies is a very politicly incorrect term. Seriously, don’t call them that. They are very sensitive creatures and they stress eat when they’re sad, and their comfort food is caviar… Our wallets can’t afford your political incorrectness. 

Anyways, our founder was enjoying a nice nap in the park when she was suddenly attacked! Desperate pixies hungry for nice things and overly fancy food were trying to mug her! Not wanting to hurt them (she was still sleepy and didn’t want to fight mythical creatures) she convinced them to come home with her and promptly pressed them into service in her new startup shop. They thought about mutiny, but then they realized that they were getting free food and board, so they decided they had it pretty good and stuck around. 

The only problem was keeping the shelves stocked. Pixies make very efficient employees and Vickie soon found herself falling behind in stocking the shelves. She knew she had to find assistants willing to go out into the world to help her find and bring home new merchandise.

Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!!!!!!


That’s Where Todd & Darla Come In…

They were the only pixies that were trustworthy enough (stupid enough) to believe that Vickie could strike them down from anywhere in the world should they revolt. Vickie knew they could be trusted (were stupid enough) because they attempted to ride a mouse out of the shop in an early escape attempt. A computer mouse. A Bluetooth computer mouse. They explained that they thought it might work because it was cordless. Unfortunately, it flipped over when they hopped on and the positioning laser managed to damage some of the vision in Darla’s left eye. The search was over. 

Todd and Darla ventured out into the world and began to send back products and letters to keep everyone up to date with their happenings. Some of the products are great. Some are…. interesting. So if you venture in on the right day, you may come across some of their finds. Also, make sure you subscribe to the ramblings page, because that’s where they post.


And that’s how our epic amazing little pixie family adventure happened. They like it. We promise.

In a fairness, we don’t speak pixie, so they may hate us. The only ones who could translate were Todd and Darla and they left… But it’s all good, we know that they throw tiny spears at they people they love. Like us! Yay!


Trade Our Pixies

Just in case you missed it on the front page, we thought we would be thoughtful and give you another easy way to join the pixie list. It’s not at all because we want to send you stuff about our awesomeness from time or time or because our bratty pixies basically demand tribute…. Ok, that might have something to do with it, but you should probably subscribe anyway…

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