TA-DA!! Toasted Pixie Will Now Be Doing Local Delivery! Our Pixies Made It Happen!

As some of you may have heard, my brother Tawd gets to travel around to different places and meet giants like Pixie Pie, and bring back the coolest items for the shop for you to buy! Well as one of Tawd’s sisters I wanted to spread my wings too!

I have to say the world of the giants is much more complicated than I thought! So much noise out there! These clunky metal boxes on revolving things you call wheels shouting profanity all the time. I gotta say, I haven’t ventured out into the world as much as my brother and Darla, but I have run across a few trolls, and not even they use as much profanity! So, I decided to start slow, spread my wings, but keep it close to Pixie Pie’s store. And after seeing how crazy the world of the giants is, I can understand how some giants want to stay close to home as well!

I have decided along with Pixie Pie, that I will help deliver packages to you at home within certain parameters to the store for free! Is that word right? Parameters? I just heard it today from Pixie Pie, sorta sounds like something you could make into a pair of pants or something.

Anyway, when you have spent at least $50 on an online order, I will come right to your doorstep with the wonderful and unique items you have purchased for no extra cost! If you are within Downtown, City Center, Fruitvale, Mall Area, Orchard Mesa, and Clifton of Grand Junction, CO, I will bring your awesome packages! Don’t worry, I’ll try not to spread too much pixie dust, we wouldn’t want your house flying away.

But please be sure to include any directions I need to find you! I am still learning the map of the giant world. And I will try my best to deliver your package on the same business day! So if I didn’t have to spend too much trying to use my pixie magic to find you, I could get your package to you sooner! Don’t worry, I was voted the fastest pixie by myself several years in a row!

If you would still like to come to the Toasted Pixie store and shop locally, the door is open! You can order online and pick-up in store for free as well if you are concerned that I may drop your heavy packages or something. But you should know I am very responsible! And strong! Don’t tell Tawd I told you, but I have beat him in the Pixie Arm Wrestling tournament every year! Except for the one time when I let him win because I broke a painting he found while in China and figured he would be less upset if I let him win. In the end, it didn’t matter, I just blamed it on one of my other brothers anyway.

But if you would rather not come to the store, or have free delivery to your doorstep, some giants here that bring everyone goodies all the time will still deliver to wherever you are for the price of flat rate shipping! But be warned, sometimes those giants in the khaki shorts don’t always bring goodies, sometimes Pixie Pie looks upset when little white envelopes are delivered through the little slot that says Mail. I don’t understand why she gets upset, envelopes make great bobsleds!

Anyway, I should probably stop wasting the ink that Tawd uses to write his letters. So if you would like more information on our new delivery just go to Pixie Pie’s website! I look forward to venturing out into your world to bring you the great items of Toasted Pixie for no extra cost, and maybe I will even get to learn some of those profanity words!

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