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We are now delivering!

Our pixies were talking about how much they love our customers and thought it might make it easier for some of our local peeps to shop if they delivered online orders. So if you live in Grand Junction and can’t make it in, our pixies will bring your order to you!

Featured Awesomeness

We like our mugs to do the talking for us because we can’t function before coffee. We also like our socks to have personality, our coasters to have a bit of an attitude problem, and our dishtowels to be vaguely threatening. Check out the latest additions to our favorite stuff.

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Our Pixies are collectors, that’s what makes them so good at the accessory store business… Trade them your info for an awesome (and only a little weird) news letter for the happenings around the store! They’re greedy little brats, so don’t worry about your info getting out, they barely even show it to us…

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Toasted Pixie offers some of the best weird stuff around. If you like our picks as much as we do, shop some of our online only goodies.




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