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Cards, coasters, notebooks, signs, you name it. It doesn’t matter if this is for you, your mom, or your highly intelligent wiener dog; we have what you want. You may not know you want it yet – but when you spit out your coffee as you read it, you’ll know.

Some other things that you might like, or that may make you pee your pants.

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Our Pixies are world searching fun warriors. That’s why we get the best gifts and accessories. We search every crook and nanny, overturn every phone, and check behind every celebrity refrigerator. Sign up to our club today and you’ll get a regular news letter with discounts, events, and a little humor. We will let you know about our best sales, newest gifts, and what new amazing partners we are working with this month!

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Our Deal

A trip to your favorite boutique shouldn’t be about getting in and getting out. It should be an experience, a treat, a little well-deserved “me” time. That’s our goal at Toasted Pixie! Shopping with us is something special. It’s like a visit with friends — friends who have access to all the greatest gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping in-person or from the comfort of home, we’re here to make your shopping experience stress-free, simple and a sweet indulgence you can enjoy.

Toasted Pixie focuses on working with as many small and women owned businesses* as we can. Our passion as a small, woman-owned business is to support the community of female entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people just out working hard to make a better life. We hope you enjoy our curated collection of products, produced mostly by Colorado resident woman-owned businesses. 

*Thank you to the very annoying man who pointed out that the use of the work pixies along with small woman owned business made it seem like we were only supporting small women. This has never occured to our founder, as she is five feet tall, and has always been a small woman. For the edification of all our shoppers, and those who are concerned about the feelings of small women everywhere –  and not just small, women-owned businesses, she neatly kicked his ass and sent him packing. 

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