About Us

Toasted Pixie began because of an alarming lack of cute fun things to buy. Our founder is a firm believer in something for everyone, so you will find something at every price point and for every style in our store. Did you still not find something you like? We think that’s weird, but we’re always adding new stuff so check back. Everything you see in store is also available online, and shipping stuff means we get to play with bubble wrap, so feel free to order that way too.

Our Colorado Boutique Is New, But We Aren’t

Toasted Pixie has been an online store for years, but recently we decided that retail looked like fun. After much planning and a total system revamp, we are opening a physical location in Grand Junction, Colorado. Why there you ask? Because we felt like it… and also because we live here. 

 Our store front is brand new and state of the art, our attitude is funky fresh (people still say that right?) and our people are nice to look at so come see us… We promise not to sass you…. probably. If Colorado is not your thing, thats cool, buy stuff online instead. We are here to connect you with cool stuff!

Our Promise to You

We guarantee we will provide you with awesome stuff at every price point that is available online and in store. 



We don’t like to brag, but our taste is freaking amazing. You’ll be awed by our awesome hoard of great stuff.



Much like our attitudes, our stuff is funky fresh. Epic stuff as far as the eye can see!!!



No matter what you think is fun, we have it here. Plus we are also fun people. Not to brag… ok, bragging a little.



We get new stuff in all the time, and we listen to our clients. Keep an eye on us, because you never know what we will have next.

Follow Us On Social Media 

Stay up to date on our shenanigans with social media, we’re always up to something and we tend to get excited and post picks of new stuff. We also post sales from time to time for our social media followers only, so keep an eye on that… 

Accessories For Every Style 

Trade Our Pixies

Just in case you missed it on the front page, we thought we would be thoughtful and give you another easy way to join the pixie list. It’s not at all because we want to send you stuff about our awesomeness from time or time or because our bratty pixies basically demand tribute…. Ok, that might have something to do with it, but you should probably subscribe anyway…

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